Crash Barrier Systems

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Crash Barrier Systems

Carringtons Traffic Services can design, supply and install temporary crash barrier systems for use on all Projects to meet your requirements.

The requirement to use temporary crash barrier systems varies for each Project and is dependent on site conditions and the type of treatments required to suit the assessed hazards, in accordance with Table D1 of AS 1742.3 Traffic Control for Works on Roads.

Factors to take into consideration for the design and installation of suitable crash barrier systems include:

  • The hazard required to be protected.
  • The type of treatment required to protect the hazard.
  • The minimum length of need for the temporary crash barrier system to protect the hazard.
  • Use of suitable end treatments.
  • Availability of sufficient clearance zones between the temporary crash barrier system and the hazard.
  • Management of site personnel in the vicinity of the temporary crash barrier system.
  • System practicalities and limitations.

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