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Traffic Control

Fully accredited Traffic Control personnel can be supplied to perform all traffic management duties to meet your objectives.

Whether you need one traffic lane closed or a road closed, our trained personnel can implement safe and effective traffic management solutions to assist you to isolate a safe work area free of existing traffic flows.(see our equipment page for some of our innovative portable traffic control devices)

Carrington’s Traffic Services have developed a range of Generic Plans to allow you to undertake simple, repetitive works in accordance with the requirements of AS 1742.3 Traffic Control for Works on Roads and Main Roads WA Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice.

For more complex traffic management solutions or multi stage Projects, it is recommended that a site specific Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is designed and implemented to meet your Project objectives and requirements.(see our Traffic Management page for more information.)

For further information, please contact Carrington’s Traffic Services or fill in our Traffic Management order form.