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Guide To Traffic Management

Federal and state government legislation requires all employers and employees, including contractors and other work site personnel, to manage the work site in a safe manner to protect all work site personnel and the general public from the risk of possibility of accidents and / or injuries as much as is reasonably practicable.

Traffic Management is the practice of managing the existing traffic environment to allow contractors to perform work duties safely without the possibility of incident or injury through conflict with traffic flows. General treatments include isolating the work area from traffic flows by implementing traffic lane closures, traffic lane diversions or road closures, depending on the Project requirements.

Carringtons Traffic Services personnel are trained by accredited training providers to implement procedures to manage the risks associated with the existing traffic environment, to reduce or eliminate the possibility of potential injuries or accidents to all work site personnel and the general public, which includes performing on site risk analysis to determine the required treatments to mitigate such risks.

Traffic Management is a smart approach to managing your work site, as it greatly reduces the risk to your personnel and allows them to perform their work duties with confidence, without having to worry about traffic flows travelling through the work area.

Traffic Management is an essential requirement for works that occur adjacent to or within 6.0m of any carriageway, or on any carriageway.

Failure to meet the above conditions may be considered to be a breach of the OSH Act and Regulations, as all personnel are required to implement safe work practices “as much as is reasonably practicable”, for the protection of everybody performing work duties at a work site.