In November 2012 new national guidelines for the use of truck mounted attenuators (TMAs) were introduced. The primary objective of these guidelines is to improve the safety of road workers through providing physical protection via TMAs when road closures or temporary barriers are not reasonably practical. TMAs also protect the occupants of errant vehicles through attenuating an impact that otherwise would be absorbed by a works vehicle.

Carrington’s Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) are mounted to 15 tonne purpose built “state of the art” host vehicles for the purpose of protecting work crews on all roadways.

Upon impact, the TMA crushes in progressive stages. When hit by a lighter vehicle weighing approximately 820kg, travelling at speeds up to 100 km/h, the impact will crush the cartridge section of the Scorpion. When hit by a heavier vehicle, such as a truck or 4WD weighing approximately 2000kg, travelling at speeds up to 100 km/h, both the strut and cartridge sections will crush, absorbing the energy from the impact.

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